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The ICONIQ Seven VIP Edition is the ultimate version of our Seven platform. Simply the most sophisticated and refined fully electric MPV ever created, a combination of luxurious materials, advanced technology and unseen customization levels in its class.

The standard materials on the ICONIQ Seven VIP already englobe Italian leather and carbon-fiber. Furthermore, bespoke customization for each vehicle is available and provided by ICONIQ Motors to make the car unique with a combination of any materials you desire: ranging from carbon-fiber finishes, traditional wood trims or even exotic leathers.

Scroll down this page for more details about the ICONIQ Seven's highlights and to learn about what makes it stand out from the crowd.


VIP Lounge Club

The ICONIQ Seven VIP Edition goes the extra mile to provide the upmost comfort to passengers with its first class seats, dynamic climate control and soothing lighting



VIP Lounge Club

Directly connected to your mobile devices, the ICONIQ Seven VIP Edition will grant you access to all the information and multimedia right in the vehicle’s main screen. A touch-screen display that can also be used to navigate the web and provide suggestions based on your location.



VIP Lounge Club

We developed the ICONIQ Seven VIP Edition to include every aspect of a fully functional office. Allowing you to do video conferences, easily connect to the web and take advantage of a spacious workspace.



VIP Pilot Club

Designed and assembled with premium materials and an attention to detail, the ICONIQ Seven VIP Edition’s cockpit provides a memorable experience to the driver without compromising comfort and ease to use.


Unique passenger experience in the “Premium Lounge” Features include:

  • Unique passenger experience in the “VIP Lounge” Features include:
  • 2 x Business Class Captain Seats
  • 40” TV Screen with 9” Touchscreen Control Center
  • Video and Music Streaming
  • Social Media Integration
  • News
  • Emails
  • Video Conferencing
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Phone mirroring
  • Extraordinary Cinematic Surround Sound System and Noise Cancelling Capabilities to “Escape the City”
  • Wireless charging for mobile devices
  • Unique glass finish to provide privacy on demand
  • Driver cabin and rear passenger area are acoustically separated
  • Unique passenger HUD in the rear
  • AI Assistant Integration
  • 2 Passenger Vehicle