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The ICONIQ Seven Premium Edition brings incredible features when it comes to passenger comfort, a key characteristic since the car was fully developed around the passenger's experience. A combination elevating the vehicle's comfort to a level not seen on any other in its class with a meticulous curated choice of materials and extras. The car’s cabin has two master seats with dedicated touchscreens controlling all the relevant functionalities and an extra seating area for two people in the back, a configuration specially developed for professionals on the go and their staff.


Premium Lounge Club

Setting the new standard for the vehicles in its class. The ICONIQ Seven Premium brings passengers’ comfort to the maximum with a noise-canceling cabin complete with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable and relaxing ride from highly adjustable seats, dynamic climate control, soft lighting configurations and much more contributing for a great experience.



Premium Lounge Club

The unique and interactive passenger display allows for all passengers to access multimedia, navigate the web and even more through one of the largest touch-screens ever placed in a production car.



Premium Lounge Club

ICONIQ Motors developed one of the most advanced mobile offices ever integrated in a production vehicle ever. This setting provides the passenger not only with a vast work space but also a stable connection and easy-to-use interface to access the web and multimedia in the passenger’s devices.



Premium Pilot Club


Unique passenger experience in the “Premium Lounge” Features include:

  • 2 x 17” Touchscreens
  • Video and Music Streaming
  • Social Media Integration
  • News
  • Emails
  • Video Conferencing
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Phone mirroring/li>
  • Extraordinary Cinematic Surround Sound System and Noise Cancelling Capabilities to “Escape the City”
  • Wireless charging for mobile devices
  • Rotating Seats depending on usability
  • Unique glass finish to provide privacy on demand
  • Driver cabin and rear passenger area are acoustically separated
  • Unique passenger HUD in the rear
  • AI Assistant Integration
  • 6-7 Passenger Vehicle